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The Playwright

Robert Skloot

ROBERT (Bob) SKLOOT retired in 2008 after 40 years of teaching, directing and administrating at the University  of Wisconsin–Madison. His career has included serving as Fulbright Professor in Israel (1980-81), Austria (F 1988), Chile (F 1995) and The Netherlands (S 2005), and as Fulbright Specialist in England (2013). He is the author and editor of many books and  essays about the theatre of the Holocaust and genocide, including The Darkness We Carry: The Drama of the Holocaust (1988) and the two-volume anthology The Theatre of the Holocaust (1981; 1999) and The Theatre of Genocide: Four Plays about Mass Murder in Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia and Armenia (2008). In 2011, Skloot was chosen for inclusion in Fifty Key Thinkers on the Holocaust and Genocide, ed. Bartrop and Jacobs (2011). Over a generation, Skloot has presented scores of lectures throughout the United  States and internationally on subjects that include: the Arts of the Holocaust, the Theatre and Genocide, and Holocaust Education.

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