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Staging & Costs

The script may be presented to the public fully staged or as a staged reading (script-in-hand).

  • The cast numbers six:  Lemkin (m), Proxmire (m), the Mother (f), the Girl (f) and two other "Voices" that may be either male or female.

  • If the script is done as a reading, a seventh actor (m or f) would be needed to serve as the Narrator (reader of the stage directions).

  • Done as a reading, there are no costumes and no special lighting required.


When the commitment is made to produce the play, the author will send to the producer via computer

  • the required images used in the play plus the one sound (music) cue that is repeated several times during the performance.

  • Typical costs to the producer include expenditures for a program, for copying of the script, and fees for rental of space. When performed at a college or university, it is common for sponsorship to be assumed by a consortium of departments and units such as History, Theatre and Drama, Law, Political Science / International Relations,Jewish Studies and Hillel, Peace Studies, Human Rights Studies, Literature, etc. Frequently, conferences or seminars are organized in conjunction with the performance.


For information about the fee, please contact the author.

  • In general, the cost of producing the play is nominal and is paid in the form of a donation to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  • The author requires an honorarium and expenses if he is asked to direct and/or appear in readings of the play.

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